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As part of our continuing dedication to service, we offer the option of above ground Mausoleum Entombment at a cost comparable to that of the most modest underground burial. Clean, dry mausoleum entombment provides a final resting place of honor and dignity for the departed. And provides an everlasting memorial family members and loved ones may visit with pride for generations.

Throughout the ages, from the Egyptian pyramids to the Taj Mahal, to America's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, many people have preferred the dignity, prestige and respect of above-ground entombment. Mausoleums provide the most complete and secure protection. Until recently, they have been available only to royalty, the rich and the famous. Now, people who can afford a traditional earth burial can afford entombment in a community mausoleum.

Franklin Memorial Park offers two mausoleums the Chapel of Meditation and the Chapel of Serenity. Each mausoleum contains a spacious chapel area for committal services.

We are proud to announce a major expansion to our Chapel of Serenity Mausoleum. We will be adding an additional 1300 Crypt Spaces and 330 Cremation Niches to the building. This addition will feature many specialty crypt spaces and glass front niches.

To recieve more information from one of our Licensed Family Service Counselors please gice us a call at (732) 545 - 4184, Stop in and see us or fill out this contact form.

Interior rending view from our existing building looking into the new addition. Notice the fluted couch crypt fronts and glass front "Story Niches"

There will be a very short period of Pre-Construction purchasing opportunities as we plan to start construction in early 2018. Those who wish to preplan during this period of Pre-Construction are afforded the most substantial savings on this new addition.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for guidelines on visiting the Mausoleums at Franklin Memorial Park.

Chapel of Meditation
Chapel of Meditation
Chapel of Meditation

East Entrance of the Chapel of Meditation
Inside of the Chapel of Meditation

Inside the Chapel of Meditation
Chapel of Serenity

Chapel of Serenity




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