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"Your thoughtful planning will protect your family when they need it most." This simple statement says it all. By preplanning your cemetery arrangements now you will be saving your family from making very difficult decisions at a very difficult time. At Franklin Memorial Park we have preplanning programs that will allow you to save money and give your family the gift of knowing that your wishes will be carried out. 

Leave your family with memories, not questions.

Our licensed memorial counselors have many years of experience helping families just like yours become informed on just what to expect when a death occurs. We provide free of charge a Family or Personal Emergency Record Guide that is a simple invaluable tool to help you prepare. You can request a copy of the guide by checking the box on the contact form.

As with many difficult tasks in life we face often the hardest part is to take the first step in completing them.  Click here to see some reasons why people put off these decisions and some important reasons not to.




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